With the MSPS software, the partial discharge and high-voltage test systems can be completely remote-controlled via various interfaces.

Automated tests according to specified test sequences are possible.

There are functions for two-dimensional and three-dimensional display for analyzing the partial discharge pulses

Information Partial Discharge control software MSPS

The MSPS software, which is based on a database, offers the following options, especially optimized for series production and quality control:

  • Automatic control of the PD test system and logging of the measured values with good, bad, breakdown display
  • Easy to use, just press the start button
  • Freely adjustable parameters for the individual test sequences
  • Several successive test sequences are possible
  • Combination of dielectric and partial discharge tests
  • Additional test sequences for DC testing, current, resistance and capacitance measurement are available as options
  • Password-protected access authorizations for the individual program parts
  • Protocol printout of the measured values and test parameters with various export functions
  • Automatic control of a high-voltage and measuring point switch is possible as an option
  • statistical evaluation and graphic representation of the measurement results as a gaussian curve
  • Grafische Darstellung der TE-Impulse als 2D und 3D Grafik
  • Log-Files for error diagnostics
  • Several test systems can access the same database
  • Operating data acquisition of the partial discharge test system (option)
  • Customer-specific extensions such as special import or export formats and integration into automated production systems