We automate and modernize

In high-voltage test systems, the test transformers and measuring capacitors are usually fully functional for decades. On the other hand, the control of the measurement technology is already out of date after 10-15 years and must be replaced.

MPS Mess-& Prüfsysteme GmbH automates and modernises high voltage test systems

  • Control cabinets or control panels
  • Computer controlled voltage regulation
  • Partial discharge measuring devices with integrated peak voltage and current measurement
  • Control and logging software
  • High-voltage measuring switch for test items with several connections
  • Integration of the measuring and testing system into the customer’s automation system
  • adapted test protocols for partial discharge / high-voltage tests
  • Communication with the automation system for the automatic assembly of the measuring and testing system
  • detailed test plans of the test items
  • Adjustments to the customer’s automation system
  • Integration in various field buses (e.g. Profinet)

Together with our customer, we are working on a solution to automatically test specimens in a production line. Just talk to us!