Peak Voltage Measurement

Precise measurement of high AC voltages according to VDE 0432 and IEC 60060 in connection with a high voltage divider
For the measurement, the principle of the capacitive or ohmic divider is used, which can be switched in the peak voltage measuring device.

Peak Voltage Measurement

In high voltage measurement technology, the peak value, or the effective value, of the voltage is determined in accordance with VDE 0432 or IECV 60060. The peak voltage measuring device from MPS Mess- & Prüfsysteme GmbH can measure these two values in connection with a high voltage divider (capacitive or resistive). In the event of flashovers in the high-voltage circuit, this is indicated in the SMG.

For the precise measurement of high AC voltages according to VDE 0432 and IEC 60060

  • Can be calibrated by the Federal Physical Institute (PTB: Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt)
  • Custom measurement ranges from 5 to 1000 kV
  • Accuracy including capacitive divider approx. 1.0% of the display value
  • The flashover voltage is saved
  • serial RS 232 Interface, IEEE488 as an option

Technical data

Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
Current consumption about 0,1 A
Input impedande 2,5 MΩ
Voltage input 50Vurms, the displayed voltage at 50V corresponds to 100% of the measurment range
Voltage measurement Peak voltage, reading +/- 0,5% +/-2 Digits
Rms value, reading Urms +/- 0,5% +/- 2 Digits
Measuring ranges customized up to 1000kV, Autorange
Measurement accuracy <=1 %
Measurment frequency 16 – 500Hz
Interface RS232, RS485 and USB (ask for IEEE488)
Dimensions ( W x H x D ) 215 x 175 x 195 mm
Weight about 3,2 kg


  • Connection of a measuring point switch for different measuring capacitors and a second display.
  • For the use as a refernce measurement system a version with compressed gas is availeable. Accuracy <= 0,5% from  displayed value.

Reference Measuring System

Reference peak voltage measuring device SMG-R for precise measurement of high voltage.

It is a peak voltage measuring device with increased accuracy and a very stable measuring divider.

  • Accuracy <= 0,3%
  • SF6- isolated normal capacitor with very stable capacitance
  • Voltages from 50 to 250kV
  • Calibrated by the “Physikalisch Technischen Bundesanstalt” (PTB)

High Voltage Divider

For the precise measurement of high voltage with our peak voltage measuring device (SMG), a high voltage measuring divider is required, depending on the application, it can be offered in capacitive or ohmic design. Our high-voltage measuring dividers consist of an upper and a lower capacitor, the lower capacitor is very finely balanced in order to be able to maintain the required tolerance of <= 1% or <= 0.3%.

With these measuring dividers, in connection with the peak voltage measuring device SMG, high voltages can be measured precisely.

  • Cpacitive from 50  to 1200kV
  • Ohmic from 5 to 100 kV
  • Further versions on request

Depending on customer requirements, the high-voltage measuring dividers are manufactured for different measuring voltages and capacities.
If the partial discharge is to be measured in addition to the voltage, the voltage divider is built with decoupling impedance.