The MSPS Software offers complete remote control of the partial discharge test set TPP.
It is built ontop of a powerful database and offers the following possibilities. It is especially designed for use in a continious manufacturing test environment within a quality management system.

Automated tests according specified test procedures are possible

To analyze the partial discharge pulses, there are functions for two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation.

Information Partial Discharge control software MSPS

  • automated control of the PD – test and recording of measured
    values with the indication pass – fail – break down
  • simple operation, only pressing the start button
  • easy edition of the test parameters for the test sequences
  • several successive test sequences are possible in one test plan
  • combination of dielectric and partial discharge test
  • additional test sequences for DC -test, current resistance and
    capacitance measurement (option)
  • password entrance check of protected parts of MSPS
  • test report with all measured values and setting parameters with various export functions
  • automatic control of high voltage and measuring selector switch (option)
  • statistical evaluation with graphical display of test results as a gaussian curve
  • Graphical representation of the PD pulses in 2D and 3D graphics
  • Log – files for failure diagnostics
  • multi user access of one data base in connection with several PD – test sets (option)
  • process data recording of the PD-test set (option)
  • Customer-specific enhancements, such as for example specific import or export formats, and integration into automated production lines