MPS Mess-& Prüfsysteme

The company MPS Mess-& Prüfsysteme GmbH is composed of a team of specialists with long standing experience in high voltage and Partial Discharge test technology.

Our focus is the development and manufacture of test systems for measuring Partial Discharge in insulation and the measurement of high voltage.

We have standard solutions and professional advice for customized solutions.

We offer fast customised solutions through our own development and manufacturing of measuring and control technology and software development.

Partial discharge test set

Partial discharge test set (TTS), for testing semiconductors, according the standards VDE 0884, IEC 60747-5-5, IEC 60664, IEC 61730-2, UL 1577 and others.

Manual Test Adapter

Manual test adapter connected to the partial test set, for manual testing of semiconductors.

Custom made test sets

Development of test system meeting customers wishes.

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Partial Discharge

Partial discharge and high voltage insulation test systems for laboratory or on-site measurement according to VDE 0434, IEC 60270, EN 50178, VDE 0884, IEC60747-5-5, UL 1577 and others.

Partial Discharge (PD) is a local electrical discharge which occurs at defects or inhomogenities inside insulator materials.
The Partial Discharge measurement is a nondestructive test for determining the quality of insulating materials.
In contrast to the high voltage insulation test, the test object is not damaged. The Partial Discharge test is called a non destructive test.
A coupling capacitor, measurement impedance and a Partial Discharge meter is required to do a Partial Discharge measurement.

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Peak voltage measurement

Accurate measurement of high voltages acc. to VDE 0432 und IEC 60060 in conjunction with a high voltage divider.
For the measurement, the principle of capacitive or resistive divider is used, which can be selected in the peak voltage meter.

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MPS Mess-& Prüfsysteme offers a wide range of high voltage components.

  • High voltage insulation and Partial Discharge test systems for laboratories and fully automated tests
  • High voltage measuring systems including high voltage measuring dividers. High accuracy measuring systems are available, too
  • Software to do fully automated high voltage and Partial Discharge tests, including test reports and Partial Discharge analysing functions
  • AC high voltage test systems
  • Modernize older high voltage and Partial Discharge test systems
  • Repair, maintenance and calibration of high voltage test systems
  • Support for planning high voltage insulation and Partial Discharge test systems
  • Service and Partial Discharge tests on side or in our high voltage laboratory


MPS offers automated , state-of-the-art High Voltage Testing Equipment with the following features.

  • Control cabinets or control panels
  • Computer-controlled voltage regulation
  • Partial Discharge meters with integrated voltage and current measurement
  • Control and logging software
  • High voltage switches for measuring specimens with multiple ports

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The MSPS Software offers complete remote control of the partial discharge test set TPP.
It is built ontop of a powerful database and offers the following possibilities. It is especially designed for use in a continious manufacturing test environment within a quality management system. Automated tests according specified test procedures are possibleTo analyze the partial discharge pulses, there are functions for two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation.

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MPS Mess-& Prüfsystem is certified according ISO 9001.