The partial discharge meter TMG was developed for Partial Discharge tests according to VDE 0434 and IEC 60270.
It offers neat grouping and easy use of the operation elements.
The following features are available:

  • Narrow band filter with a variable frequency from 0,1 bis 2,5 MHz
  • Wide band filter 40-250, 40-400, 80-250, 80-400 kHz
  • PD measuring range von 2,5 pC bis 25000pC (Option 100 000pC)
  • Autorange and manual adjustment of the PD ranges
  • Detection of the phase relation and the level of partial
    discharge – pulses. Data can be displayed (also graphically) and further
    processed by the use of the analysing software MSPS.
  • Various kinds of display modes for the measurement results are available, such as bar graph style, analog or digital format , and an oscilloscope mode.
  • Blanking of phase synchronized interferences
  • Serial interface RS 232 and USB, IEC- bus (option)
  • Special model for the measurement of quadratic discharge
  • Peak and RMS voltage measurement
  • RIV – measurement in μV acc. to NEMA 107 / Ansi 63.2 (option)

Technical Information Partial Discharge meter TMG