Beside the standard test sets,
MPS also produce custom-made Partial Discharge test sets TPP

  • TPP with different voltage levels
  • Adaptation of the test cabin to the dimensions of the test object
  • Higher output power level or variable frequency of the AC – test voltage
  • DC – test, current resistance and capacitance measurement additionally
  • Supports connection of an automatic high-voltage changeover switch for a test object with several taps.
  • Measuring multiple specimens in parallel, automatic selection of faulty specimens
  • DC voltage testing and current measurement
  • Two shielded high voltage test rooms with sliding doors
  • Measuring and control unit with built-in partial discharge meter, control panel and an electronic power amplifier
  • Integration into automation systems
  • Optimization for short test times, e.g. in opto-couplers according VDE0884 and magnetic couplers
  • Personal computer with control software MSPS 20
  • Integration into the production systems of the customer, eg Data Export

Overview of different Partial Discharge test sets


  • PD calibrator TPK
  • Software MSPS
  • High voltage switches HU