Partial discharge and high voltage insulation test systems for laboratory or on-site measurement according to VDE 0434, IEC 60270, EN 50178, VDE 0884, IEC60747-5-5, UL 1577 and others.

Partial Discharge (PD) is a local electrical discharge which occurs at defects or inhomogenities inside insulator materials.
The Partial Discharge measurement is a nondestructive test for determining the quality of insulating materials.
In contrast to the high voltage insulation test, the test object is not damaged. The Partial Discharge test is called a non destructive test.
A coupling capacitor, measurement impedance and a Partial Discharge meter is required to do a Partial Discharge measurement.

The Partial Discharge testers are according the standards IEC 60270 and IEC 60060.

They can be used to do high voltage insulation (HIGH-Pot) and Partial Discharge tests according with standards VDE 0884, IEC 60747-5-5, IEC 60664, IEC 61730-2, UL 1577 and others.