The partial discharge test set TPP is used for nondestructive
Isolation and quality tests of electrical components
(e.g. acc. to VDE 0110-1 and EN 50178).
comment :  partial discharge does not measure the isolation of components. It  detects the presence of defects in the material.
The test set allows testing in development, production
and quality assurance and consists of three functional units:

  • Partial Discharge meter (TMG) with integrated RMS
    and peak voltage measurement and current measurement
  • Shielded PD-free high-voltage unit
  • Control unit with electronic overcurrent trip
  • Test voltages 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 200 kV, other voltages on request

Please contact MPS for your special requirement.
Partial Discharge tester TPP
Overview different Partial Discharge Tester
Control software for Partial Discharge Tester

The new Partial Dischage tester TTS was developed to do high voltage insulation (HIGH-Pot) and Partial Discharge test at semiconductor devices (opto coupler, digital isolator, magnetic and capacitive coupler) according VDE 0884, IEC 60747-5-5 and UL 1577. The Partial Discharge tester TTS is available with test voltages up to 14kVpeak (higher voltages on request).

It measures Partial Discharge, test voltage (peak and RMS), leakuage current and capacity of the test device at every test voltage with very high accuracy.
The PD tester TTS is available for development and 100% production test in combination with a handler system.
The control software is very flexible and has many functions like self check, reporting functions and can write STDF files.
NEW: with test voltage up to 18.3kVpeak / 10kVrms available.
PD Tester TTS 4 channel test system with handler
PD Tester TTS manual test solution


  • PD calibrator TPK
  • Software MSPS
  • High voltage switches HU